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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Meaningless redecoration

As you've probably already noticed (if you're one of the three regular readers of this site), we've changed the look here at Meaningless Musings again. I may not be a regular poster, but by heck I get bored with layouts quickly. Mostly I like how little wasted space there is with this format - once you're past the top part of the page with the links the whole screen gets used for text. Obviously, a strong argument can be made that said text just turns around and wastes the space again, but at least I'm not wasting your valuable monitor resources to just create blank space.

There are also a few new links over on the right-hand side of the screen, and for your Thursday reading enjoyment I thought I'd go through 'em and give you a few details on why they're there and why you might be interested. Gripping stuff it certainly isn't, but my understanding of blogosphere etiquette is that quantity always trumps quality. So away we go, starting with the blogs -

Thus concludeth the list of blogs. Now on to the other links!

And there you have it. My little road map to some interesting byways off of the information superhighway. Turned into a longer post than I originally intended, but that's probably good; it'll help my guilt over how long it will probably take me to post again.

To steal a sign-off from my sister - love, luck, and lollipops!

Can I add a plug here? I have checked out these links before, and I just want to emphasize that "Jaunty Thoughts" is excellent not only in the prose department, but also when it comes to poetry. John writes these hilarious, off-the-cuff odes to coffee hour that have me laughing out loud. You can find them under his link to "Amphigory". OK, stepping off of soapbox now. :-)
True that. Also, I forgot to explain the meaning of the URL. His middle initial is "T". John T. Ham - Jaunty Ham - Jaunty Thoughts.
Jeepers, Jessica! Thanks for the kind words.

And thanks to Charlie, as well. Hard to believe that boy has already been around for a year. (Though, in some ways, it's closer to two that he's been the focus of my life.)
Hey Charlie...

When are you gonna write another entry? I enjoy them...

Carrie D.
Charlie? Are you still in there? Helloooo? Anybody?

Thanks for the link and shout-out to the Daily Aneurysm.

Lasagne, liberalism, and liquor--
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