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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Welcome,blog, to your new home!

It seems a little silly, really, for me to move this blog over to a dedicated blogger's website. Some of the blogs that blogspot.com hosts are really insanely impressive, maintained by people with a level of talent and dedication and an amount of available time that I can only marvel at. My blog has so far been basically a sad little hack blog and there's no reason to assume that trend will suddenly change.

This new site does offer several advantages over the direct-to-HTML system I was using before, though, and I hold faint optimism that it might actually help me be a more prolific poster. It takes away the extra steps involved in posting through an editor - no writing extra code (granted, it was only a few lines of code, but still), no opening up the FTP server and uploading. I can blog from any computer hooked up to the Internet and save unfinished drafts. Considering that the whole service is free, it's really quite a good deal. Plus, the site looks better than the old one did, and - perhaps most importantly - it allows you, Gentle Reader, to comment on posts. I look forward to seeing responses to posts (I acknowledge that I may have to post responses myself... lame, yes, but I'm prepared to do that if necessary) and I'm curious to see how many people actually read the drivel I clutter up the Internet with.

Maybe it'll be a short-lived experiment that I decide I'm not happy with, but for the time being, at least, welcome to the new home of "Meaningless Musings." The goal, once again, is a post a week, but I'm not foolishly optimistic.

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