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Thursday, May 05, 2005

"The problem with not knowing what you're talking about is that it's hard to know when to stop" - Tommy Smothers

Time for me to make use of that time-honored and generally-accepted blogger's technique of discoursing aimlessly about an assortment of things-on-my mind and arranging them as a list. To muse meaninglessly about various whatnot and suchforth, as it were.

And thus concludeth my thoughts (I'm impressed with myself for having even this many). Thanks, as ever, for stopping by.

Yay! Two posts in two days! As if 30 pages of IM wasn't enough for me. :-) I think it's probably quite a good insight about your patients being at their worst. As common sens-ical as that may seem from this side of the hypodermic, not all hospital staff get it. The Michael Jackson thing is not so overplayed on this side of the pond, thank goodness. And those really are stunning lyrics and I can't wait to hear the song. Yes, of course you should post a link! Hope you get enough sleep. :-)
Well done, Charlie. Way to stick it to the sick guy!
Ditto what John said....
Also, I like the HHGG game. I hadn't played it before and am looking forward to entertaining myself with it for a while. Thanks for the link.
Interesting group of thoughts!
Carrie D.
Links R us. Remember, this is a working draft - there's another guitar part & harmony vocals (and probably some distorted electric lead guitar (or maybe a mandolin)) to add yet and it's completely unprocessed. Still, in a way I think this very stripped-down version works well with the song.

If you listen, please post a comment or send me an e-mail and let me know what you think (criticism completely welcome); I'd very much like to know.

Simple Life
Mark and I enjoyed this version of the song and we are looking forward to hearing how it ends up. It does make sense for the song to be on the simple side, in fitting with the lyrics.
Good song, good song. :)
Carrie D.
Why does nothing happen when I click on the link??
Don't know - depending on how your browser is set up it might be trying to download the whole 5 meg file before it starts playing. Are you on a dial-up connection?

Try right-clicking (or command-clicking if you're on a Mac) and "Save Target As..."-ing the file to your hard drive.
Yay! It worked now! No, I am not on dial-up... I have a gray cable that comes directly out of my wall and plugs into the USB port. What's that called? :-) Ethernet, I guess. Wait, no, there is a sticker on the monitor that says LAN. But anyway, it does seem that that the computer was trying to download the whole thing before playing it, because I just had to wait a looooong time and then it started playing. But I saved it to the hard drive anyway, because how fun is that?
The song is great so far. How interesting to be able to hear an "unfinished" version. I agree with Carrie-- the simplicity of the music so far matches the lyrics well.
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