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Thursday, June 16, 2005


My skills at transitions are pretty anemic on the best of days and tonight I feel particularly mentally listless so I'll fall back on the time-honored Unassociated List Of Hopefully Somewhat Interesting But At The Very Least Space Filling snippets. Cheery-o and whatnot!

Snippets R Us. Coming soon - Meaningless Musings Quote Fun, Part III (or perhaps III)! Since I'm sure I won't post again before Sunday, Happy Father's Day to my dad and any other fathers (or you two fathers-soon-to-be) out there.

Forgot my quizyourfriends.com quiz already?? Sigh.

And thanks. I'm sure I'll be a happy father on that day.

And what is Adam's deal, anyway?! Not even a phone call?! What a siebie.

And I can't believe you did a "three" joke. (Or was that an "I, I, I" joke?)
Thank you Charlie!!!
a.) Alerting me to the fantasticness that is Mark's and Carrie's blogs (I am on my way over there to check them out, but I am really sure the quality will be high).
b.) Allowing me, in grand Jess fashion, to TOTALLY SUCK at a quiz of whose answers I should really have known more than three. Especially the couch one. I really should have known that one.
c.) For making the old envy-o-meter rocket heavenward with your week at a Special place in God's kingdom. Uuueeeennnnhhhh... that is the sound of me whining piteously. (How sad is it that I just had to ask Elizabeth how to spell it?)
d.) Reminding me of Father's day. (I think you get the prize for reminding me of Mother's Day too. Wanna be my personal secretary?)

But!! If you are going to list Storyhill and Alva Star AND Olympic Hopefuls, could you just *please* humor me and list Chris and Johnny too? Please? If you don't want to hear that piteous whining noise again? Really, it was quite piteous.
Oops. I really did not mean to do that. If you want you can erase my comment.
Charlie, it is like I don't even know you. 40 percent? That's just sad and two of them were lucky guesses. So really, I just did bad.

Thanks for putting the link to my blog here. Now I can feel the pressure of knowing that I will be dissapointing a few more people than just one. No, really, I am glad to have the challenge. Maybe I will even find something good to talk about.
...12 yards long two lanes wide 65 tons of American Pride... ...well, it goes real slow with the hammer down, it's the country fried truck endorsed by a clown... …top of the line in utility sports, unexplained fires are a matter for the courts…

I have waited too long to be mentioned with such high esteem. I thank you Charlie. Someday they will write a book about you, and I for one cannot wait until that book becomes a movie, so I can see it.
John - I should've credited you, shouldn't I've? I'll do so here - John was the one who introduced me to Quizyourfriends.com lo these many months ago. Apparently there's a time limit on how long they keep your quiz, too; the ones we did seem to be gone.

Adam and I are planning (although I'm a little doubtful that it'll actually happen) to grab some supper on Monday. Are you free to join us?

It was actually a "three" joke. Can you let those go by yet? I still can't.

Jess - Chris and Johnny and Storyhill are the same group, but I see your point. I'm not sure what you're offering to retract, so I'll go ahead and say you're okay. I can't erase your comment, I don't think; all I can do is turn off all comments for this post, which would be pretty hypocritical of me.
The spoiler! But I guess it didn't spoil too much. :-) And yes, I think you can delete individual comments-- just use the little trash can icon. It's not hypocritical if you have permission. :-)
Ah. No worries; most people are getting that question right anyway (and it's pretty obscure - took me several re-readings to figure out which spoiler you were referring to).
I didn't get that one right. :(
Monday is my birthday, so I might have to beg off the dinner thing. Seems ridiculous to be having this conversation in the comments section of a blog (in a forgotten cruise liner in an artificially synthesized universe), rather than e-mail or, to be really old-fashioned, by phone.

What I "can't believe" is that you're making these jokes that no one but me will even recognize as jokes. Plus, this may be the first "roman numeral" three joke.
Yeah! I'm the last comment on this post.

I 3 the sand box!

Is this a three joke?
Why not?!
Please don't take this personally, Mark, but it is because you are wimpy. I have this on good authority. Beyond that, it really is terribly complicated.
Terribly, terribly complicated, technically.
Wimpy, eh. Well, I guess that's to be expected.

I will point out that on my blog I did cause Charlie to wonder if I had made a Three joke... if only for a moment. So perhaps I am not totally "wimpy" maybe just "impy".
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