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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

RIP Corky, 12/93-7/05

I have no experience with this. In my entire life I've bonded with exactly one pet, and this morning she had to be put down. I can't get my head around the idea that she'll never again announce someone at the door, or put her head on my leg and beg to be petted, or sit at the top of the stairs and wait for the garage door to open so she'll know her people are home and her day can begin. I'm completely blindsided by how much this hurts.

I have clearer pictures, but none that show her smiling like this one does so I'm prepared to put up with the grainy quality and poor exposure. Rest in peace, girl. I wish I'd gotten to tell you one last time you were a good dog.

"Just a dog" my ass. The angels in heaven will forevermore know when their clothes are finished drying.

Oh Charlie, this is so sad. I'm so sorry. *hug*
I will notice the absence of barking during my next visit to your house, likely no matter how long it is until I visit. There will be discomfort in my demeanor as I step across the threshold and wonder if it is better that I don't announce how quiet it is in the house. Then when I go to leave I will have an empty feeling when no one offers me a dog to take home.

I agree with Jess. It is sad. I barely knew your dog and I too feel a loss.
Oh, I'm sorry. To lose a pet is so sad, and even if that pet may have had some personality quirks that got on your nerves from time to time, it's always the good (and far more important) aspects of its personality that you remember and miss. I'm truly sorry to hear about Corky, Charlie. I'm glad I had a recent opportunity to sit and pet her for a while. Loud as she may have been, she was a good dog.
I feel your pain, man. I've lost a few pets in the past 2 years and it's unbelievable how much it stings. *sniff*
So sad to hear that your 'good doog' had to leave your lives today. I too have fond thoughts of her putting her head on my lap looking for a bit of much loved attention. She was most deffinately a boisterous and affectionate presence in the Rod house. She will be missed.
Many condolences to you and your family. God bless.
My non-crying streak is now over. I know this pain all too well and I'm so, so sorry. Know that she will always greet you at the door as she will always be a part of your life - you will hear her still even though she won't be there. You'll hear her when she'll stop by to check in on you - when she's not running around in the beautiful grass with every other pet that has left us.

I PROMISE YOU, after some time, these thoughts do become comforting.
Thanks, everyone. Much appreciated.
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