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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Half of what I say is meaningless

Far more than half, obviously, but I figured in light of the protest over the last post I'd pick a less obscure lyric for this one's title. It's Mostly Unrelated Thoughts With Bullet Points time again, kids! Yay and yay (and yay)!

Sounds like you have got yourself a full-blown case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, my friend. My dad had it a couple of years ago - exactly the same symptoms, minus the guitar. Surgery fixed him right up... they untwisted and unplugged whatever it is that had gotten twisted and plugged, and he has full range of motion and no more pain in any of his fingers now.

And insurance paid for everything. :-)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can make you lose your voice? That's sort of counterintuitive.
Interesting... your most fun concert ever did not include me in the audience. I guess I should have expected this day would come. Not that I am surprised, I just didn't expect to be greeted with this news in such a public forum.
Hey Jess, is :-P you sticking your tongue out at Charlie?
Hey. Words-in-my-mouth-putter. No, I'm basically entirely sure that you were at the show in Legends in the spring of '98 that still reigns (at least in my mind; I won't presume to speak for Hibby) as the Most Fun CST Show Ever. Monday night was sure a treat, though.
I concur, Charles. That show in Legends, packed full o' people, remains at the top of my list of favoritest shows. Our July 15 show at EWALU is right up there, too. I agree that Monday's show was a lot of fun, probably largely because we sort of expected it not to be...

Not that we thought it would be un-fun; we have fun singing and playing whether anyone is listening or not. We just didn't expect an actual audience, and instead got an excited, appreciative one. Whee!
It's "Julia" by the Beatles, from The Beatles. I can't believe I was the first person to comment on that. Now I must read the rest of the post to learn about this carpal tunnel episode.
You are "Julia" by the Beatles!
Yes, Mark, that was me sticking out my tongue at Charlie. I pride myself on the maturity and sophistication of my blog comments. And he deserved it. :-)
"Julia" indeed (the only Beatles song whose title begins with a J). Good show, old bean.

Anonymous playing of the you are game is the very definition of uncool. Reveal yourself! You are!

Main Entry: un·cool
Pronunciation: "&n-'kül
Function: adjective
1 : lacking in assurance
2 : failing to accord with the current styles (as of dress or behavior) of a particular group
Um... huh? Can you expand on that a little, Anonymous Accuser Person?
You wrote, "Anonymous playing of the you are game is the very definition of uncool." I checked the Merriam-Webster web site for the definition, which didn't jive with your claim. Ergo, you're a liar!
Ah. Fair enough; certainly the good folks at Merriam-Webster are qualified to speak authoritatively on uncoolness.

You're not going to reveal yourself, are you?
I am Spartacus!
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