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Friday, September 09, 2005

I drove through the night last night

It was hard to find a lyric for this post. Seemed odd to pick one that focuses on the until-3:30-a.m. drive back from Madison instead of the concert that brought us there, but by heck the lyric game is firmly established as the new thing that is cool. Anyway - here's a picture of me from yestereve:

I've already blogged nostalgic about how I wish the Storyhill-listening experience could be what it once was, so I won't go over that ground again (unless there's interest, I guess; I am getting to the point of being desperately short on blogging ideas). They're not blow-your-eyeballs-out-of-the-back-of-your-head amazing anymore, but still good enough and more than good enough to make 7 hours of driving completely worthwhile. Plus, I've put enough Storyhill Nerd groupie time now that they know me and I get to hang out with them before and after the show and discuss things like how lame NACA is and John's new CD project (Psalms set to music).

I'll let the picture fill in the other 814 words.

Nice shirt.
While you were chatting it up with Chris and listening to Storyhill tunes I was here in Bozeman. I got to see Chris' house, his trash can and his wife. They all seemed very nice. My wife is now the owner of a book from his garage sale.
Well, I'm glad to hear the man has a nice trash can. That makes me happy. Actually, that sort of little mundane "I live in one place now" thing is probably nice for him after all his years on the road.

I'm encouraged both by the fact that the members of Storyhill live 990 miles apart from each other and yet maintain a touring schedule and that they both are apparently able to maintain regular middle-class income lives on their band earnings.
Cool... when does the Psalms CD come out? That sounds neat.
"Hide in the Rain," from Miles and Means.

I'm still jealous that you got to see them and I didn't... I was wondering the other day, how many times have you seen Storyhill when I was not also there to see them?
"Hide in the Rain" indeed.

I think this is the first time I've ever been at a Storyhill show you weren't also at. Can't think of another one, anyway. You, on the other hand, went to their not-quite-but-almost farewell show in the Twin Cities in '97 without me. Jerk-o.
Recently I was trying to figure out how many times I've seen Chris & Johnny/Storyhill perform. Let me think...

Dante's at Luther
CFL at Luther
Matter's Ballroom
Twice (or three times?) at Wartburg
Great American History Theater
GAHT "final" show
GAHT reunion show
The Mill

That's only 10 or 11; that can't be all... I think there may have been a fourth show at the GAHT, and it seems like I may have seen them at Luther one other time. Then there's the failed attempt to see them at Boxer's in Mason City (at least we saw their guitars). I saw them at an Indigo Girls concert at Luther, but they weren't performing. Otherwise I guess I've just seen them individually at the Mill and Live From Studio One. Can you think of any other shows I left off the list?
I've seen 'em at least four times at Wartburg, twice at CSPS, and twice in the CFL, but I can't think of any venues you've forgotten.
But where is the title of the post from?
See above; "Hide in the Rain," by Storyhill.
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