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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I still feel like I'm supposed to read the blue words out loud

Let's see if posts full of links are actually as much as other blogs make them seem.

Hmmm.... not sure it was an Everything I'd Ever Hoped And More sort of experience, but it makes for a lot of underlined words, at least. Hard to underestimate that.

Love that video clip!
Unfortunately, two of your four links are now obsolete.

Time for a new post.
Hey! I'm so sorry to invade your blog. I'm desperately trying to find sheet music for Storyhill's "If I Could"! I was Googling & found your blog from years ago about your songbook. I know this is crazy, but I'm a bride-to-be on a mission (we want to have the song for our processional music). I'm trying to find sheet music, guitar tabs...anything. Anyway you could help? You can contact me at amysueshort@hotmail.com. You would be blessing a fellow Chris & Johnny/Storyhill fan!!!
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