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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cubicle man, Cubicle man

And finally it came to pass, after two years of resumes and interviews and watching employment websites and wondering what was wrong with me that I was so obviously unemployable, that I resumed a full-time work schedule. I'm two whole days in now and still don't know exactly what I'll be doing once I'm up-to-speed, but I have a cubicle and a computer and a phone. (And health insurance!) My co-workers seem cool and I'm being pretty much left alone to figure things out on my own, which is sort of nice but also somewhat boring. And I'm once again within scootering distance of John, at least during the days (do you still have that old scooter, John?).

Within the month the start-up church I play guitar for will probably go to Saturday and Sunday services, which will mean I'll have work commitments seven days a week. A weird shift from the almost-completely-open schedule of recent months, but I like it. If I ever get a clearer sense of what I'm actually doing at work (and if I haven't faded back into blolivion) I'll post more about it. But now I've got to get some sleep. Work tomorrow and all.

doin' the things a cubicle can?
Congrats on the new job! Miss you... :)
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